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Software Engineering IEEE Projects 2019-2020


P1SE01 Performance Specification and Evaluation with Unified Stochastic Probes and Fluid Analysis Download Abstract
P1SE02 Trustrace: Mining Software Repositories to Improve the Accuracy of Requirement Traceability Links Download Abstract
P1SE03 Amorphous Slicing of Extended Finite State Machines Download Abstract
P1SE04 Test Case-Aware Combinatorial Interaction Testing Download Abstract
P1SE05 Using Timed Automata for Modeling Distributed Systems with Clocks: Challenges and Solutions Download Abstract
P1SE06 EDZL Schedulability Analysis in Real-Time Multicore Scheduling Download Abstract
P1SE07 Ant Colony Optimization for Software Project Scheduling and Staffing with an Event-Based Scheduler Download Abstract
P1SE08 Locating Need-to-Externalize Constant Strings for Software Internationalization with Generalized String-Taint Analysis Download Abstract
P1SE09 Systematic Elaboration of Scalability Requirements through Goal-Obstacle Analysis Download Abstract
P1SE10 Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations- A New Approach to Random Testing Download Abstract
P1SE11 Ranking and Clustering Software Cost Estimation Models through a Multiple Comparisons Algorithm Download Abstract
P1SE12 Pair Programming and Software Defects--A Large, Industrial Case Study Download Abstract
P1SE13 Automated Behavioral Testing of Refactoring Engines Download Abstract
P1SE14 An Empirical Evaluation of Mutation Testing for Improving the Test Quality of Safety-Critical Software Download Abstract
P1SE15 Self-Management of Adaptable Component-Based Applications Download Abstract
P1SE16 Elaborating Requirements Using Model Checking and Inductive Learning Download Abstract
P1SE17 Resource Management for Complex, Dynamic Environments Download Abstract
P1SE18 Identifying and Summarizing Systematic Code Changes via Rule Inference Download Abstract
P1SE19 Generating Domain-Specific Visual Language Tools from Abstract Visual Specifications Download Abstract
P1SE20 Toward Comprehensible Software Fault Prediction Models Using Bayesian Network Classifiers Download Abstract
P1SE21 On Fault Representativeness of Software Fault Injection Download Abstract
P1SE22 A Decentralized Self-Adaptation Mechanism for Service-Based Applications in the Cloud Download Abstract
P1SE23 Coverage Estimation in Model Checking with Bitstate Hashing Download Abstract
P1SE24 Synthesizing Modal Transition Systems from Triggered Scenarios Download Abstract
P1SE25 Using Dependency Structures for Prioritization of Functional Test Suites Download Abstract