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Parallel Distributed Projects 2019-2020





Parallel and Distributed Systems 2019-2020- 2019-2020


TPD01 Enhancing Collusion Resilience in Reputation Systems Abstract
TPD02 A Crowdsourcing Worker Quality Evaluation Algorithm on MapReduce for Big Data Applications Abstract
TPD03 Evaluating Replication for Parallel Jobs: An Efficient Approach Abstract
TPD04 Conditions and Patterns for Achieving Convergence in OT-Based Co-Editors Abstract
TPD05  Prefetching on Storage Servers through Mining Access Patterns on Blocks Abstract
TPD06 SPA: A Secure and Private Auction Framework for Decentralized Online Social Networks Abstract
TPD07 Predicting Cross-Core Performance Interference on Multicore Processors with Regression Analysis Abstract
TPD08 Collaboration- and Fairness-Aware Big Data Management in Distributed Clouds Abstract
TPD09 RFHOC: A Random-Forest Approach to Auto-Tuning Hadoop's Configuration Abstract
TPD10 Deadline Guaranteed Service for Multi-Tenant Cloud Storage Abstract
TPD11 Carbon-Aware Online Control of Geo-Distributed Cloud Services Abstract
TPD12 Online Resource Scheduling Under Concave Pricing for Cloud Computing Abstract
TPD13 Burstiness-Aware Resource Reservation for Server Consolidation in Computing Clouds Abstract
TPD14  Performance Evaluation of Cloud Computing Centers with General Arrivals and Service Abstract
TPD15  TMACS: A Robust and Verifiable Threshold Multi-Authority Access Control System in Public Cloud Storage Abstract
TPD16 Heads-Join: Efficient Earth Mover's Distance Similarity Joins on Hadoop Abstract
TPD17 Enabling Personalized Search over Encrypted Outsourced Data with Efficiency Improvement Abstract
TPD18 Quantum-Inspired Hyper-Heuristics for Energy-Aware Scheduling on Heterogeneous Computing Systems Abstract
TPD19  A Secure and Dynamic Multi-Keyword Ranked Search Scheme over Encrypted Cloud Data Abstract
TPD20  A High Performance Parallel and Heterogeneous Approach to Narrowband Beamforming Abstract
TPD21 EcoUp: Towards Economical Datacenter Upgrading Abstract
TPD22 Hadoop Performance Modeling for Job Estimation and Resource Provisioning Abstract
TPD23 Optimization of the Processing of Data Streams on Roughly Characterized Distributed Resources Abstract
TPD24 A Secure Anti-Collusion Data Sharing Scheme for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud Abstract
TPD25 Exploring Heterogeneity within a Core for Improved Power Efficiency Abstract
TPD26 Efficient File Search in Delay Tolerant Networks with Social Content and Contact Awareness Abstract
TPD27 Exploiting Workload Characteristics and Service Diversity to Improve the Availability of Cloud Storage Systems Abstract
TPD28 PerfCompass: Online Performance Anomaly Fault Localization and Inference in Infrastructure-as-a-Service Clouds Abstract
TPD29 Energy and Makespan Tradeoffs in Heterogeneous Computing Systems using Efficient Linear Programming Techniques Abstract
TPD30  An Efficient Privacy-Preserving Ranked Keyword Search Method Abstract