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1 PNST01 Two-User Gaussian Interference Channel with Finite Constellation Input and FDMA Abstract
2 PNST02 Adaptive Mode Selection for Multiuser MIMO Downlink Employing Rateless Codes with QoS Provisioning Abstract
3 PNST03 Distributed Power Allocation for Secondary Users in a Cognitive Radio Scenario Abstract
4 PNST04 Adaptive Access Mechanism with Optimal Contention Window Based on Node Number Estimation Using Multiple Thresholds Abstract
5 PNST05 A New Approach of Interference Alignment through Asymmetric Complex Signaling and Multiuser Diversity Abstract
6 PNST06 Incremental Lattice Reduction: Motivation, Theory, and Practical Implementation Abstract
7 PNST07 Resource Allocation in Amplify-and-Forward Relay-Assisted DS/CDMA Systems Abstract
8 PNST08 Interference-Controlled Transmission Schemes for Cognitive Radio in Frequency-Selective Time-Varying Fading Channels Abstract
9 PNST09 Radio Resource Management with Proportional Rate Constraint in the Heterogeneous Networks Abstract
10 PNST10 Analysis of OFDM over Nakagami-m Fading with Nonuniform Phase Distributions Abstract
11 PNST11 A Binary Space-Time Code for MIMO Systems Abstract
12 PNST12 Analysis of Instantaneous Power Distributions for Non-Regenerative and Regenerative Relaying Signals Abstract
13 PNST13 Efficient Computation of the Feedback Filter for the Hybrid Decision Feedback Equalizer in Highly Dispersive Channels Abstract
14 PNST14 A Three-Dimensional Angular Scattering Response Including Path Powers Abstract
15 PNST15 Secure Location Verification Using Simultaneous Multilateration Abstract
16 PNST16 On the Average Rate of HARQ-Based Quasi-Static Spectrum Sharing Networks Abstract
17 PNST17 Dynamic Spectrum Leasing and Service Selection in Spectrum Secondary Market of Cognitive Radio Networks Abstract
18 PNST18 An Efficient Multi-Carrier Position-Based Packet Forwarding Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Abstract
19 PNST19 Uniformly Reweighted Belief Propagation for Estimation and Detection in Wireless Networks Abstract
20 PNST20 Optimal Broadcast Scheduling for an Energy Harvesting Rechargeable Transmitter with a Finite Capacity Battery Abstract
21 PNST21 Deployment Strategies and Energy Efficiency of Cellular Networks Abstract
22 PNST22 Ambiguity Mitigating Technique for Cosine-Phased Binary Offset Carrier Signal Abstract
23 PNST23 A Simple Distributed Space-Time Coded Strategy for Two-Way Relay Channels Abstract
24 PNST24 Robust Transmitter Design for Amplify-and-Forward MIMO Relay Systems Exploiting Only Channel Statistics Abstract
25 PNST25 Adaptive Polar-Linear Interpolation Aided Channel Estimation for Wireless Communication Systems Abstract
26 PNST26 Group Contention-Based OFDMA MAC Protocol for Multiple Access Interference-Free in WLAN Systems Abstract
27 PNST27 DiCode: DoS-Resistant and Distributed Code Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks Abstract
28 PNST28 Efficiency of Wireless Networks under Different Hopping Strategies Abstract
29 PNST29 Utility Maximization for Layered Transmission Using the Broadcast Approach Abstract
30 PNST30 Cross-Band Interference Reduction Trade-Offs in SISO and MISO OFDM-Based Cognitive Radios Abstract