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Marketing Management Projects 2019-2020


S.No. PROJECT CODE Marketing Management Projects 2019-2020 SYNOPSIS
1 PMM01 Market response for MTR food products in Tumkur district Synopsis
2 PMM02 Factors that enhance a dealer to gain a competitive advantage over other dealers in cellular industry Synopsis
3 PMM03 Market potential for video conferencing equipment in Bangalore city Synopsis
4 PMM04 A Study on Consumer Response And Market Survey on Yamaha Libero Synopsis
5 PMM05 Consumer perception towards fungicides (India) limited Synopsis
6 PMM06 Awareness and market analysis of outlook magazines in the Bangalore market Synopsis
7 PMM07 Consumer behaviour of Lazza ice creams Synopsis
8 PMM08 Consumers awareness and perception towards ‘Sony flat screen television’ Synopsis
9 PMM09 Market survey of maida for Chamundi roller flour mills ltd. Synopsis
10 PMM10 Comparative study between Britannia and Amul in Bangalore Synopsis
11 PMM11 Customer satisfaction towards state bank of Mysore Synopsis
12 PMM12 Evaluation of customer satisfaction towards identity goods Synopsis
13 PMM13 Analytical study of hutch Synopsis
14 PMM14 Perception and expectation of retailers and wholesalers towards kores art material products Synopsis
15 PMM15 Consumer switching habits regarding dairy products with respect to Nilgiris, Amul & Britannia Synopsis
16 PMM16 Market potential of print sales to increase the market share of Infomedia India ltd Synopsis
17 PMM17 Consumer preference towards air conditissoners in Bangalore city Synopsis
18 PMM18 Efficacy of advertising campaign by lowe lintas India Pvt ltd for creating availability and awareness of den stick among retailers for lowe lintas india pvt ltd., kolkata Synopsis
19 PMM19 Customer satisfaction towards siemens products Synopsis
20 PMM20 Analysis of post purchase behaviour of kinetic models (ZX, DX,ZOOM) in Bangalore city Synopsis
21 PMM21 Pre-purchase buyer behaviour and brand awareness towards TVS Fiero f2 in Bangalore Synopsis
22 PMM22 Customer satisfaction with special reference to “Citibank credit cards” Synopsis
23 PMM23 Consumer behavior towards Samsung projection TV Synopsis
24 PMM24 Market study of BPL home appliances in comparison with other brands in Bangalore district Synopsis
25 PMM25 Consumer behaviour on Modixerox products in Bangalore market Synopsis
26 PMM26 Customer satisfaction after sales and service provided by silicon Honda Synopsis
27 PMM27 Customer satisfaction adopted by Amco batteries  ltd., Bangalore Synopsis
28 PMM28 Consumer behaviour of the existing and new hutch subscribers Synopsis
29 PMM29 Consumer behaviour towards insurance products with special reference to ICICI prudential Synopsis
30 PMM30 Brand loyalty and the impact of the price increase of Parle-g on tiger at Britannia industries limited Synopsis
31 PMM31 Consumer behaviour with special reference towards Mitsubishi lancer car at southern motors, Bangalore Synopsis
32 PMM32 Customer satisfaction with reference to Citibank car loans, Indore Synopsis
33 PMM33 Customer perception towards MTR instant ready mix  & ice cream Synopsis
34 PMM34 Customer satisfaction of IFFCO products Synopsis
35 PMM35 Buying behaviour of food flavour in ice-cream industry in Bangalore with special reference  to “Akras flavours ag” Synopsis
36 PMM36 Market potential for video conferencing equipment in Bangalore city – a study conducted on behalf of Godrej & boyce mfg. Co. Ltd.,”, Synopsis
37 PMM37 Perception of customers & the channel members towards Nyle shampoo sachets Synopsis
38 PMM38 Market potential of the software product - hospital management solution developed by Shrushti solutions Synopsis
39 PMM39 Retailer behaviour towards fmcg products with reference to Jyothy laboratories limited products Synopsis
40 PMM40 Investors preferences towards pension plans at HDFC standard life insurance, Bangalore Synopsis
41 PMM41 Consumer preference of cruiser bikes in Bangalore city.” Synopsis
42 PMM42 Evaluation of dealers satisfaction towards Binani cement limited. Synopsis
43 PMM43 Customer satisfaction on Hyundai cars with special reference to Advaith motors Synopsis
44 PMM44 Hero Honda Synopsis
45 PMM45 Feasibility study of  inverter business in Wipro peripherals”.[wep] Synopsis
46 PMM46 Satisfaction of retailers and customers towards havmor ice- cream Synopsis
47 PMM47 Evaluation of marketing mix strategy and consumer preference towards soft drink products of Pepsi co Synopsis
48 PMM48 Government subsidy scheme Reva car Synopsis
49 PMM49 Consumer behaviour towards the insurance products with special reference to ICICI prudential Synopsis
50 PMM50 Consumer behaviour – with special reference to Maruthi zen Synopsis
51 PMM51 Customers satisfaction level of ICICI bank Synopsis
52 PMM52 Consumer attitude towards kinetic scooters Synopsis
53 PMM53 Customers perception towards after sales service at Mandovi motors private limited Synopsis
54 PMM54 Organization structure & customer satisfaction of  Eicher tractor ltd Synopsis
55 PMM55 Consumer/ industry awareness and perception study of the new product of Hindustan lever limited (bru coffee, lipton tea and knorr soupy snax) Synopsis
56 PMM56 Assess the consumers behavior towards MTR brands Synopsis
57 PMM57 Pre-market testing on complete face care kit  Synopsis
58 PMM58 Post purchase buyer behaviour and satisfaction towards Hero Honda Bike Synopsis
59 PMM59 Customer satisfaction with special reference to Jet Airways Synopsis
60 PMM60 Marketing strategy for eco-drive watches of citizen brand, cochin, kerala Synopsis
61 PMM61 Customer satisfaction of Godrej line of locks Synopsis
62 PMM62 Customer satisfaction towards Hero Honda motorcycles Synopsis
63 PMM63 Sales of retail banking products and customer satisfaction survey (study on ICICI bank ltd.) Synopsis
64 PMM64 Consumer perception towards front loading washing machines with special reference to IFB Synopsis
65 PMM65 Comparative study on dealer analysis of different brands of cars for sales promotion activities in Bangalore city Synopsis
66 PMM66 Market survey on customer satisfaction with reference to frontier business systems pvt. Ltd. Synopsis
67 PMM67 Awareness of children’s insurance policy in the market with special reference to MetLife India insurance company Synopsis
68 PMM68 Market study of BPL home appliances  in comparison with other brands  in Bangalore district Synopsis
69 PMM69 Research on case tools in software development life cycle Synopsis
70 PMM70 A study on consumer awareness, buying behavior and satisfaction towards Philips I-T.V Synopsis
71 PMM71 Analysis of consumer preferences and frequency of  purchase with special reference to Nandini ghee ltd Synopsis
72 PMM72 Market analysis of ready to eat packaged foods in Bangalore city(a case study on MTR  foods ltd.) Synopsis
73 PMM73 Consumer response to Samsung television Synopsis
74 PMM74 Indian consumers attitude towards life insurance at ICICI bank Synopsis
75 PMM75 Customer satisfaction in the case of slurry pumps manufactured and supplied by m/s. Mcnally Bangalore industries ltd, a major manufacturer in India Synopsis
76 PMM76 Realty check on builders stock and their perception towards standard chartered bank Synopsis
77 PMM77 A study of working capital with respect to “Sudarshan Telecom ltd” Synopsis
78 PMM78 Perceptions of  advertisers & viewers on star network Synopsis
79 PMM79 Study on mandya milk union(mamul) Synopsis
80 PMM80 Sales promotion towards nandini ghee and butter Synopsis
81 PMM81 Satisfaction of Deccan herald readers Synopsis
82 PMM82 Sujay advertising Synopsis
83 PMM83 Brand image of eureka forbs with specific to aqua guard Synopsis
84 PMM84 Aqua cento packaged drinking water Synopsis
85 PMM85 Paper on onscreen adoption of indo-pak relations Synopsis
86 PMM86 A study on internet related consumer aberrant behaviors (with special reference to India, Canada and Uk) Synopsis
87 PMM87 Mutual fund at ICICI Synopsis
88 PMM88 Selling pattern of retail outlets with reference to hero Honda motor cycle pvt ltd Synopsis
89 PMM89 Media effectiveness and customer opinion of world space products Synopsis
90 PMM90 Brand awareness of Airtel mobile connection Synopsis
91 PMM91 Effectiveness of online advertising Synopsis
92 PMM92 Research on  a new product in the coffee market at cafe coffee day. Bangalore Synopsis
93 PMM93 Satisfaction of customers regarding reliance India mobile Synopsis
94 PMM94 Market analysis of  customer satisfaction of Garuda Synopsis
95 PMM95 Analyzing and understanding the operations of an advertising agency Synopsis
96 PMM96 Consumer preferences in buying water purifiers Synopsis
97 PMM97 Retailer’s perception towards transporter cum distributor  (TCD) at Bangalore milk union limited, Bangalore Synopsis
98 PMM98 Market share holding of Pepsi cola   beverage in Bangalore Synopsis
99 PMM99 Analytical study on investors’ perception towards mutual funds in Bangalore Synopsis
100 PMM100 Comparative study of mutual funds a study done at SBI funds management pvt. Limited   Bangalore Synopsis
101 PMM101 Consumer preference of cruiser bikes in Bangalore Synopsis
102 PMM102 Customer perception and retailers opinion regarding Nandini ghee and milk at Synopsis
103 PMM103 Maharana traders area Bangalore Synopsis
104 PMM104 Consumer satisfaction in respect to coffees the taste  and preferences with respect to cold coffees and hot coffees. To offer suggestions to café coffee Synopsis
105 PMM105 Customer satisfaction with special reference to standard chartered bank Synopsis
106 PMM106 Customer satisfaction survey on sale of HDFC retail banking products Synopsis
107 PMM107 Customer satisfaction for Aditi technologies Synopsis
108 PMM108 Comparative study of life insurance under private sector” at “Ing Vysya life insurance co. Pvt. Ltd.” Bangalore Synopsis
109 PMM109 Customer perception towards timeshare sterling holiday resorts (ind) pvt ltd Synopsis
110 PMM110 Dealers perception towards marketing mix strategy of Amco Yuasa Batteries (two wheeler) Synopsis
111 PMM111 Consumer satisfaction towards kinetic vehicles at Bangalore south. Synopsis
112 PMM112 Customer perception towards overseas mediclaim insurance at united India insurance company ltd. Bangalore Synopsis
113 PMM113 A study on consumer behaviour towards casual wears with respect to identity Synopsis
114 PMM114 Escorts mahle Synopsis
115 PMM115 Distribution benchmarking & territory realignment of Bangalore city Dabur foods Synopsis
116 PMM116 Market awareness for kwikset locks in Bangalore on behalf of lock & décor private limited, Bangalore Synopsis
117 PMM117 Opportunities for interactive white board display with respect to Godrej & boyce (benq) from the present customers of lcd projectors Synopsis
118 PMM118 Advertising strategy in star TV Synopsis
119 PMM119

Evaluation of commercial vehicles with respect to customers attitudes towards hire – purchase

(with reference to shriram investments ltd, mysore)
120 PMM120 Customer satisfaction as well as employee satisfaction at “treat resort Synopsis
121 PMM121 Brand equity for TTK prestige range of products Synopsis
122 PMM122 Facilities management at HCL Infosystems Synopsis
123 PMM123 To build ramee as a global brand in hospitality sector. Synopsis
124 PMM124 Disseminating information as to the advantages of himalayas complete face care kit Synopsis
125 PMM125 Market segment for used cars Synopsis
126 PMM126 Frequency of usage of atm cards by the customers in the city of Bangalore Synopsis
127 PMM127 Consumers perception towards tvs vehicles Synopsis
128 PMM128 Developing the business of a xpress kiosk & understanding the consumer satisfaction of the kiosk Synopsis
129 PMM129 Retail audit on nandini skimmed milk powder Synopsis
130 PMM130 Comparative study of different brands of cars for sales promotion activities in Bangalore city” with special reference to toyota motors Synopsis
131 PMM131 Consumer behaviour of existing and potential hutch subscribers Synopsis
132 PMM132 Sales promotion of hdfc’s edc machine in Bangalore market Synopsis
133 PMM133 Market share of multimedia projector in Bangalore city conducted on behalf of sanyo Synopsis
134 PMM134 Level of response for vidya bags of mysore sales international ltd Synopsis
135 PMM135 Customer level of satisfaction of gomma wood products Synopsis
136 PMM136 Customer perception,references and practices at hdfc Synopsis
137 PMM137 Customer expectation and perception with reference to Indian airlines Synopsis
138 PMM138 Sensitivity analysis of fertilizer industry  to crude oil Synopsis
139 PMM139 Survey on market potential of broad band internet services in bangalore with reference to sify ltd Synopsis
140 PMM140 Study on “growth of pharma sector  in india and competitive analysis”with special reference to “dr reddy’s laboratories”, bangalore. Synopsis
141 PMM141 Identify the existing after sales and service standards of refrigerators and washing machines of the market and benchmark those servicing standards for  eletrolux kelvinator . Synopsis
142 PMM142 Study on web services in business process management Synopsis
143 PMM143 Consumer/ industry awareness and perception study of the new product of hindustan lever limited (bru coffee, lipton tea and knorr soupy snax) comparing to the major players in the industry, to identify the new marketing strategies for hll to gain upper market share.(geographical limitation: bangalore) Synopsis
144 PMM144 Customer satisfaction index for o.e customer & perfofmance, brand awareness of raunaq brand in replacement market Synopsis
145 PMM145 Comparative study on smartkid education guarantee plan with different companies special reference to icici preduntial Synopsis
146 PMM146 Analyse consumer perception towards hero honda motorcycle in general Synopsis
147 PMM147 Event management with specific reference to the city of bangalore Synopsis
148 PMM148 Consumer behaviour and market scenario of instant coffee Synopsis
149 PMM149 Study on life insurance corporation with different policies and schemes Synopsis
150 PMM150 Exploratory study of npas in banking sector in bangalore Synopsis
151 PMM151 Brand awareness of mtr’s spices and masala products. Synopsis
152 PMM152 Mutual fund portfolio in hdfc and icici” Synopsis
153 PMM153 Dealers satisfaction” towards “standard furukawa batterys”with reference of exide industries ltd.  Bangalore Synopsis
154 PMM154 General insurance industry: a study on general insurance industry in india with special reference to iffco-tokio Synopsis
155 PMM155 Consumer perception of m/s. Kamadhenu tractors ltd. Synopsis
156 PMM156 Level of consumer awareness adopted by lock & decor pvt. Ltd”(conducted on behalf of “ lock & decor pvt. Ltd”, bangalore) Synopsis
157 PMM157 An internship training report at manmul Synopsis
158 PMM158 Analyze the housing finance industry. & analyze hdfc as a player in the housing finance industry as compared to other major players. Synopsis
159 PMM159 Understand the various objectives that companies have while deciding to merge and probing whether the companies under study managed to achieve the objectives they had in mind Synopsis
160 PMM160 Effectiveness of promotional activities at café coffee day Synopsis
161 PMM161 Customer perception & retailers opinion regarding nandini ghee & milk at banashankari i & ii stage, bangalore.”Conducted on behalf of karnataka milk federation (kmf) Synopsis
162 PMM162 Innovations in retail lending with reference to vijaya bank  (jayanagar iii block branch) Synopsis
163 PMM163 Satisfaction level of citibank customers Synopsis
164 PMM164 Customers satisfaction level of bsnl Synopsis
165 PMM165 Sales potential of eros pharma limited Synopsis
166 PMM166 Nandini as a brand was positioned in the mind of the consumer Synopsis
167 PMM167 Analyze the consumer preference towards nandini ghee Synopsis
168 PMM168 Know the consumer awareness towards the bajaj products (electricals) Synopsis
169 PMM169 Comparative analysis of market potentiality depends on different types of market share of bata shoes vies-a –vies other brands of shoes. Synopsis
170 PMM170 Consumer satisfaction at bhopal dugdha sangh” is a study on consumer satisfaction in the dairy products bhopal dugdha sangh. Synopsis
171 PMM171 Market share analysis of jaquar bath fittings Synopsis
172 PMM172 Market survey on the pre- purchase buyer behaviour & brand awareness of royal enfield “ thunderbird”  bike Synopsis
173 PMM173 Customer portfolio for mutual funds– icici bank ltd Synopsis
174 PMM174 A market study on sales and distribution activities of tata tea limited Synopsis
175 PMM175 Consumer survey on airtel roaming Synopsis
176 PMM176 Customer’s perception towards service quality at the service provider. Synopsis
177 PMM177 Consumer behavior towards tvs private ltd Synopsis
178 PMM178 Customer satisfaction towards the service of pratham motors (p) ltd. Synopsis
179 PMM179 Customer’s perception towards service quality at the service provider of hyundai Synopsis
180 PMM180 Survey to understand the factors influencing purchase or non-purchase of coke products by retail and grocery outlets Synopsis
181 PMM181 Consumer perception towards all maruthi cars in Bangalore Synopsis
182 PMM182 Consumer behaviour towards nandini milk & milk products of Bangalore dairy Synopsis
183 PMM183 Marketing strategies being applied by ergotek and its effects on marketing goals Synopsis
184 PMM184 Fil industries limited in Jammu and Kashmir Synopsis
185 PMM185 Distribution channel of gensets with special reference to dpk gensets Synopsis
186 PMM186 Lazza ice creams Synopsis
187 PMM187 Case study on consumer behaviour on tvs motorcycles ", at zen motors Synopsis
188 PMM188 Study and marketing of depositary services offered by karvy consultants ltd Synopsis
189 PMM189 Consumer behaviour of vidya bags in bangalore city Synopsis
190 PMM190 Market potentiality of aaa size batteries Synopsis
191 PMM191 Advertising strategy for forklift trucks, [on behalf of godrej & boyce ( many files) Synopsis
192 PMM192 Market potential for office automation products (conducted on behalf of methodex infres ltd. Bangalore) Synopsis
193 PMM193 Marketing   strategy   towards  royal   enfield  motors   limited  products (thunderbird) in Bangalore city Synopsis
194 PMM194 Customer satisfaction towards vaibhav exports” Synopsis
195 PMM195 Consumer perception towards the  victory associates d.s.a of ge countrywide Synopsis
196 PMM196 Customer satisfaction of stumpp, schuele & somappa pvt. Ltd., (springs) Synopsis
197 PMM197 Analysis of atm centers in bangalore for sbs with specific reference to standard chartered bank Synopsis
198 PMM198 Customer satisfaction level towards Nandini milk with reference to Bamul at Bangalore city Synopsis
199 PMM199 Analysis of post purchase behaviour of muv's on behalf of telco in bangalore city Synopsis
200 PMM200 Role of outdoor advertising in marketing on behalf of m/s sujay advertising Synopsis
201 PMM201 Advaith hyundai ( santro) Synopsis
202 PMM202 Behavior and satisfaction of acadamic institutions with reference to audio-visual products in Bangalore city Synopsis
203 PMM203 Identifying the need gap in skin care and hair care segments for johara cosmetics (a study conducted for sami lab ltd) Synopsis
204 PMM204 Reasons for usage/non-usage of the services on 32k sim  (stk card) by mobile phone users and strategies to increase its usage Synopsis
205 PMM205 Awareness of home loan protection insurance in the market" with special reference to MetLife India insurance Synopsis
206 PMM206 Awareness of keyperson insurance policies in the market with special reference to MetLife India insurance company Synopsis
207 PMM207 Assessment of customer satisfaction towards south Indian bank Synopsis
208 PMM208 Facilities management at sodexho pass services India pvt. Ltd. Synopsis
209 PMM209 Market potential of broad band internet services in Bangalore Synopsis
210 PMM210 Mechanics/electricians perception towards  various brands of spark plugs and auto electrical parts with special reference to mico. Synopsis
211 PMM211 Competitive analysis of telecom spare parts in granite mines with special reference to telco construction equipment company ltd. Bangalore. Synopsis
212 PMM212 Perception of builders  towards standard chartered bank Synopsis
213 PMM213 Realty check on builders stocks and their perception towards scb Synopsis
214 PMM214 To investigate the profile of existing home solutions customers of asiain paints Synopsis
215 PMM215 Customer response towards icici debit cards Synopsis
216 PMM216 Perception of rival brand owners (hero Honda splendor) towards tvs centra Synopsis
217 PMM217 Customers perception toward the services provided by bmtc Synopsis
218 PMM218 Customer satisfaction towards the sales and service of eureka Forbes Synopsis
219 PMM219 Customer satisfaction towards motor policy with special reference to new India assurance co. Ltd., hoshiarpur, Punjab Synopsis
220 PMM220 Market competition and customer attitudes regarding hutch products Synopsis
221 PMM221 A study on awareness of children's insurance policy in the market with special reference to MetLife India insurance company Synopsis
222 PMM222 Study on pa-ient care service - among the patients with special reference to caritas hospital, kottayam, kerala Synopsis
223 PMM223 Study on promotional mix with special reference to Pepsi brand" in epsi, karimnagar Synopsis
                224                 PMM224 A report on market potential of broad band internet services in Bangalore with reference to b.s.n.l. Synopsis
225 PMM225 Agents satisfaction towards public and private insurance (lic & amp) Synopsis
226 PMM226 A study on retailer behaviour towards fmcg products with reference to jyothy laboratories limited products Synopsis
227 PMM227 A study on    channel wise distribution of Pepsi soft drink with special reference oyc (own your cooler) scheme Synopsis
228 PMM228 A study on consumer awareness of flavors in maaza brand conducted for Hindustan  coca-cola  beverages private limited, Bangalore Synopsis
229 PMM229 Project report on reasons for usage/non-usage     of the value added services on sms by mobile phone users and strategies to increase its usage Synopsis
230 PMM230 A survey on market potential of broad band internet services in Bangalore with reference to sify ltd. Synopsis
231 PMM231 A survey on recruitment advertisements with the view of entering into a new segment of business at mudra communications Synopsis
232 PMM232 Market research on consumer behaviour  with special reference   to  amul ice cream Synopsis
233 PMM233 A study on evaluation of dealers satisfaction towards binani cement limited Synopsis
234 PMM234 Customer satisfaction for aditi technologies Synopsis
235 PMM235 Library management system – whizlabs software ltd Synopsis
236 PMM236 A study titled “customer satisfaction with reference to citibank car loans Synopsis
237 PMM237 The market potential for broadband solutions, on behalf of bharti infotel ltd Synopsis
238 PMM238 Market survey on commercial & multi complex in kolkata Synopsis
239 PMM239 Exploring the rural market for tractors in India Synopsis
240 PMM240 Customer satisfaction towards lakeshore hospital” done for lakeshore hospital, kochi, kerala Synopsis
241 PMM241 A study on availability and awareness of den stick among retailers” conducted on behalf of lowe india ltd Synopsis
242 PMM242 E- initiatives of icici bank Synopsis
243 PMM243 The management of non performing assets in the canara bank’s loan portfolio Synopsis
244 PMM244 Consumer response and market survey on hero honda passion. Synopsis
245 PMM245 Market potential and growth of the hms product     Synopsis
  Synopsis Nandini as a brand was positioned in the mind of the consumer Synopsis
1 PMM1 Comparative study of corporate salary accounts offered by icici bank Synopsis
2 PMM2 Analysis of customers negative buying behavior towards TVS motorbikes in comparison with bajaj ct-100 Synopsis
3 PMM3 Factors influencing the industrial buying behaviour of caustic soda lye Synopsis
4 PMM4 Sbi mutual funds Synopsis
5 PMM5 Price sensitivity analysis of coffee consumption in Bangalore                    Synopsis
6 PMM6 A study on dealers and retailers  attitude towards cements with specific reference to penna cement in Hyderabad Synopsis
7 PMM7 Analysis of mutual funds Synopsis
8 PMM8 Consumer preference towards the products of sony india ltd Synopsis
9 PMM9 Sales process, product & after sales service for bajaj caliber bike Bangalore city on behalf of bajaj auto ltd. Synopsis
10 PMM10 Customer relationship management with sales process, product & after sales service of ford customer was under taken in Bangalore city on behalf of cauvery ford Synopsis
11 PMM11 A study on wear-life perception of customers affecting customer satisfaction in the case of slurry pumps manufactured and supplied by m/s.mcnally Bangalore industries ltd, a major manufacturer in india Synopsis
12 PMM12 Study on the problems of international marketing of ceramic sanitary wares with special reference to muthoot apt ceramics ltd Synopsis
13 PMM13 A study on customer satisfaction on airtel subscribers  with special reference to Synopsis
14 PMM14 bangalore city - a segment approach Synopsis
15 PMM15 Analysis of customer  satisfaction regarding hutch products in Bangalore Synopsis
16 PMM16 An analytical study of banc assurance and its viability in non life insurance (abn – amro) Synopsis
17 PMM17 Strategy for market growth by focused lead generation method of asian paints Synopsis
18 PMM18 An organizational study and understanding the effectiveness of launching of kinetic zing 80 Synopsis
19 PMM19 International marketing of ceramic sanitary wares Synopsis
20 PMM20 Csf for implementing an erp system Synopsis
21 PMM21 Market research and competitive analysis (conducting on behalf of wdc solutions, bangalore) Synopsis
22 PMM22 A study of retailers perception in bangalore about various brands of dr. Reddy’s (futura division) vis-à-vis its competitors with special reference to “dr reddy’s laboratories”, Bangalore. Synopsis
23 PMM23 A study on changing consumer behaviour in insurance buying Synopsis
24 PMM24 A survey on consumer perception of hero Honda splendor plus Synopsis
25 PMM25 Mobilisation of funds in insurance industry with reference to hdfc standard life. Synopsis
26 PMM26 A survey on market observation and chemist audit on emidon, kapl Synopsis
27 PMM27 Analysis of  customer satisfaction of hutch post paid Synopsis
28 PMM28

consumer behaviour and awareness” towards standard chartered bank credit

29 PMM29 Hdfc mutual funds Synopsis
30 PMM30 Identifying the potential of schemes a study conducted for franklin templeton investments Synopsis
31 PMM31 Competitor analysis of kinetic regarding customer satisfaction in bangalore” has been aimed to know the popularity of hero honda splendor/passion in the Bangalore city & satisfaction level of customers from their respective two-wheeler. Synopsis
32 PMM32 Identifying the potential of exclusivechannels in bangalore.” A study conducted for birlasunlife mutual fund,  a joint venture between aditya birla group & sunlife financial services of canada inc. Synopsis
33 PMM33 Business process implementation “with respect to niit Synopsis
34 PMM34 Determining the market potential for land line telephones and customer satisfaction research a study conducted for touchtel, mangalore Synopsis
35 PMM35 Distribution gap and brand analysis of real at dabur Synopsis
36 PMM36 Understanding business communities and product offering” undertaken at kotak mahindra bank ltd., new delhi Synopsis
37 PMM37 Comparative analysis of kinetic company vis-à-vis other two wheelers in Bangalore (tvs) Synopsis
38 PMM38 Awareness level among the relevant professionals about the product “closed structurals (rhs/shs)” of tata steel (tubes division). Synopsis
39 PMM39 Consumer’s view about companies offering personal loans, in comparision with ge countrywide personal loans Synopsis
40 PMM40 Marketing strategy of mutual fund at cholamandalam Synopsis
41 PMM41 Reymount Commodities Pvt. Ltd Synopsis
42 PMM42

Systematic investment plan & an analytical study of equity related schemes

A study conducted for hdfc mutual fund Bangalore hdfc bank & idbi bank
43 PMM43 Marketing strategies for icici prulife Synopsis
44 PMM44 Critical analysis of marketing strategies of the company delta chem impex pvt ltd Synopsis
45 PMM45 Analytical study of corporate internet usage with respect to market potential of satyam infoway (sify) in bangalore Synopsis
46 PMM46

Satyam infoway ltd“study on the internet, telecom and network security

Infrastructure of corporate’s in bangalore’’  
291 PMM291 A comparative study on dealer analysis of different brands of cars for sales promotion activities in Bangalore city’ was conducted in bangalore to analyse the metamorphosis of the indian consumer with respect to toyota qualis. Synopsis
292 PMM292 Consumer perception towards on-line shopping (conducted on behalf of Bangalore Synopsis
293 PMM293 Customers satisfaction towards transport corporation of india.(tci) Synopsis
294 PMM294 Analyzing the market share for atenolol and amlodipine Synopsis
295 PMM295 An assessment of satisfaction level of the customers of domestic airlines in india Synopsis
296 PMM296 Consumer behavior of sports shoes in bangalore Synopsis
297 PMM297 Customer relationship management with regards to toyota retail outlets Synopsis
298 PMM298 Customer satisfaction & expectation level of color television users” of bpl ltd., bangalore Synopsis
299 PMM299 A study of consumer behaviour towards internet Synopsis
300 PMM300 Business plan for sportswear” for dalal mottmacdonald pvt. Ltd Synopsis
301 PMM301 Receivables management in hindustan aeronautics limited Synopsis
302 PMM302 Knowledge management and security manage management system in different companies with reference to soft-aid computers pvt ltd Synopsis
303 PMM303 Strategies adapted by venus international in industrial and consumer markets Synopsis
304 PMM304 Performance evaluation of mutual funds schemes with special reference to prudential icici mutual funds Synopsis
305 PMM305 An analysis of hire purchase in nbfcs with special reference to shriram investments limited, Bangalore Synopsis
306 PMM306 Demand for integrated conferencing solutions using touch panel control device Synopsis
307 PMM307

Performance of JM mutual fund schemes

308 PMM308 Customer satisfaction of exeflon Synopsis
309 PMM309 Postpurchase behaviour towards “waterguard” – waterproofing product in Bangalore city of fairmate Synopsis
310 PMM310 retailer level study of new generation arvs (anti-rabies vaccines) in Bangalore city” a study conducted on behalf of “zydus recon healthcare ltd.” Synopsis
311 PMM311 Customer satisfaction and market potential of tcl Synopsis
312 PMM312 Comparative analysis of the technology as a selling unique sales proposition (u.s.p) in a wireless communication system (cellular telephone) Synopsis
313 PMM313 Consumers buying behavior of car audio system for auto cop xs pvt. Ltd Synopsis
314 PMM314 Customer perception towards horlicks brand Synopsis
315 PMM315 Aligning distribution & optimizing sales of sunfill in varanasi Synopsis
316 PMM316 Performance of acrylates in the domestic market Synopsis
317 PMM317 An analytical study of supply chain integration for an optimised effect in business processes at fosroc chemicals (india) pvt. Ltd Synopsis
318 PMM318

Strategies adopted by general insurance companies  for the promotion of general insurance policies

319 PMM319 A comparative analysis of services offered by manipal and mallya hospital with special reference to hosmat hospital Synopsis
320 PMM320 Customer’s response towards bread maida Synopsis
321 PMM321 An analytical study on the awareness of various brands of computer peripherals at Bangalore city Synopsis
322 PMM322 Customer response for corporate gifting Synopsis
323 PMM323 Customer care practices for “lifestyle Synopsis
324 PMM324 Consumer behaviour of tvs suzuki Synopsis
325 PMM325 sales potentiality analysis and customer behaviour towards the product “mileage” at standard chartered Synopsis
326 PMM326 A study on market potential of epoxy resin a product  of  gomti resins & polymers pvt ltd.” Synopsis
327 PMM327 Customer care practices for shoppers stop at Bangalore Synopsis
328 PMM328 Market potential and brand awareness t0wards kinetic nova in Bangalore city Synopsis
329 PMM329 Customer satisfaction” towards hopcoms Synopsis
330 PMM330 A comparative study on G.M gripper pens to other gripper penstion  adopted by G.M.Pens international Synopsis
331 PMM331 A study on  sales satisfaction adopted by sagar automobile pvt. Ltd Synopsis
332 PMM332 Consumer behaviour towards ready to wear garment dresses & trousers Synopsis
333 PMM333 Marketing strategies to market HMT machine tools Synopsis
334 PMM334 Customer care in HSBC bank Synopsis
335 PMM335 Customers attitudes and reaction towards pizza corner Synopsis
336 PMM336 A study of quality control at vinayaka mosquito coils manufacturing company(phoenix) Synopsis
337 PMM337 A comparative study of computer education conducted in Bangalore city ‘conducted in behalf of NIIT Synopsis
338 PMM338 Customer care with reference to housing and development financial corporation, bank (HDFC)”. Synopsis
339 PMM339 Various courses offered by different computer institute Synopsis
340 PMM340 Brand image of different tea powder in Bangalore city Synopsis
341 PMM341 Export  procedure  and  performance  of  Mysore  fruit  products  limited Synopsis
342 PMM342 Competitors analysis with respect to eicher Synopsis
343 PMM343 Market potential and brand awareness of Honda activa Synopsis
344 PMM344 A comparative study on tours and travels in Bangalore city Synopsis
345 PMM345 Retailers distribution system on soft drinks Synopsis
346 PMM346 Study on the Bangalore plywood industry, mother ply Synopsis
347 PMM347 Perceptions towards the personal    credit schemes offered by the state bank of mysore Synopsis
348 PMM348 Consumer perception and expectation towards tvs vehicles at triton tvs Synopsis
349 PMM349 Analysis of consumer behaviour towards tvs scooty” tvs motor company Synopsis
350 PMM350 Customer relationship management at tvs Synopsis
351 PMM351 Study to improve dealer relations for malabar extractions, calicut Synopsis
352 PMM352 An analysis of overall product attributes of electrical switching accessories – a critical study on customer perspective for anchor electronics & electrical pvt. Ltd Synopsis
353 PMM353 Consumer perception of ferromatik milacron india limited Synopsis
354 PMM354 Brand awareness of nandini milk and milk products in hotel industries in Bangalore city Synopsis
355 PMM355 On consumer behaviour  towards tvs motorcycles Synopsis
356 PMM356 Customer satisfaction towards bajaj pulsar Synopsis
357 PMM357 Customers awareness about mutual funds Synopsis
358 PMM358 Service offered by amco batteries ltd Synopsis
359 PMM359 Life insurance with hdfc” a case study of investments in the present scenario Synopsis
360 PMM360 Satisfaction level among muv users Synopsis
361 PMM361 Trends in marketing of innovative schemes provided by j&k bank ltd Synopsis
362 PMM362 Evaluating the effectiveness of refinish paints  segment in market for ici india ltd Synopsis
363 PMM363 Customer perception towards kineticnova-135cc Synopsis
364 PMM364


Marketing strategies of charoen pokphand seeds company in thailand


365 PMM365 Customer care and satisfaction towards “south indian bank” Synopsis
366 PMM366 Customer perception and satisfaction towards hotel infantry court and its quality service Synopsis
367 PMM367 Customer satisfaction towards service of jatti motors Synopsis
368 PMM368 Customers perception towards Honda activa Synopsis
369 PMM369 Sales” and “after sales service effectiveness” in durg-bhilai. A study on maruti suzuki Synopsis
370 PMM370 Distribution channels for bright sparks children’s books Synopsis
371 PMM371 Customer care with reference to syndicate bank  Synopsis
372 PMM372 Consumer satisfaction of valkalam saree. A product of libas corner Synopsis
373 PMM373 Performance analysis of growth oriented income funds with special reference to hsbc asset management (india) private limited Synopsis
374 PMM374 Customer satisfaction towards nilgiri's (super market) Synopsis
375 PMM375 Consumer satisfaction in sales & after-sales services on maruti cars Synopsis
376 PMM376 Comparative analysis of product and services of the standard chartered bank with other  private banks Synopsis
377 PMM377 Customers satisfaction towards jyothi gas pvt ltd (jgpl) Synopsis
378 PMM378 Comparative study of financial products of ing vysya bank with other selected banks Synopsis
379 PMM379 Service quality provided in commercial banks and the experience of the customer in the account opening process with special reference to icici bank Synopsis
380 PMM380 Consumer response – movement from airtel to other cellular service providers Synopsis
381 PMM381 Market survey of soft drink retailer’s preferences with respect to frazer town, cox town and shivajinagar markets Synopsis
382 PMM382 Customer care towards baleno Synopsis
383 PMM383 Macro and micro factors of  automobile growth with the projection on auto filters in thailand and malaysia Synopsis
384 PMM384 Customer care and satisfaction” towards “dealership service” provided by pratham motor pvt. Ltd Synopsis
385 PMM385 Attitude toward the brands kissan annapurna atta and kissan annapurna salt Synopsis
386 PMM386 Customer satisfaction towards j&k bank with special refrence to main bazar branch sopore Synopsis
387 PMM387 A study on consumer perception towards maruti omni Synopsis
388 PMM388 Profile the India today readers Synopsis
389 PMM389 Indian telecom Synopsis
390 PMM390 Awareness and the nature of predisposition towards bhuwalka’s structural and tor steel products Synopsis
391 PMM391 Performance of marketing with reference to fusion brand of reynolds Synopsis
392 PMM392 A project on consumer behaviour towards t.v. Industry with special reference to sony and onida Synopsis
393 PMM393 Customer perception and demand for lcd projectors Synopsis
394 PMM394 Hero Honda services offered by sai motors Synopsis
395 PMM395 Satisfaction level of the account holders of canara bank Synopsis
396 PMM396 Customer expectation and problem with reference to buying and distribution of silk for anukul silks  Synopsis
397 PMM397 Consumer perception towards after sales service of bajaj vehicles Synopsis
398 PMM398 Consumer preference of tvs fiero and hero Honda splendor of two-wheeler owner's Synopsis
399 PMM399 Market potentiality and consumer perception of bata footwear in Bangalore Synopsis
400 PMM400 Analyze the performances of mutual fund in India and china Synopsis
401 PMM401 Profile of the consumers who buy weekender kids wear in terms of demographic and psychographic characteristics Synopsis
402 PMM402 Internet banking with special reference to at icici bank Synopsis
403 PMM403 Analysis of post purchase behavior of muv’s conducted on behalf of telco at arvind motors private limited , bangalore Synopsis
404 PMM404 Consumer perception towards after sales service provided for maruti vehicles by dealer – jamkash vehicleades Synopsis
405 PMM405 Adopted by the j & k bank ltd Synopsis
406 PMM406 Prolab is one of the leading integrated digital printing service & premium logistics service provider Synopsis
407 PMM407 Consumer perception towards hero honda with reference to sales, service and product,showroom majestics mobikes (p) limited Synopsis
408 PMM408 Customer perception and awareness for car audio with special reference to kenwood Synopsis
409 PMM409 Customer satisfaction of mercedes-benz  with reference to “rajashree motors Synopsis
410 PMM410 Service marketing and customer satisfaction in kims hospital Synopsis
411 PMM411 Service marketing” satisfaction level of customers towards the service rendered by asha nursing home. Synopsis
412 PMM412 Analysis of post purchase behaviour of kinetic honda in Bangalore city Synopsis
413 PMM413 Analysing & Understanding The Operations Of An Advertising Agency At  OPUS-CDM, Synopsis
414 PMM414 ICICI prudential life insurance company ltd., Bangalore Synopsis
415 PMM415 A study of relevance of FDI in retail sector in India Synopsis
416 PMM416 Sensitivity analysis of stock market Synopsis
417 PMM417 Consumers satisfaction on HCL products, at MSIL Synopsis
418 PMM418 A study on Recruitment Policies and procedures of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Synopsis
419 PMM419 Customers Perception Towards The Marketing Mix On BIG BAZAAR’ Synopsis
420 PMM420 Analysing the functioning of an advertising agency Synopsis
421 PMM421 Rai saheb Rekhchand Mohota spinning & weaving mills limited Synopsis
422 PMM422 A study on sales potential of bajaj mixers and  water heaters in Bangalore city Synopsis
423 PMM423 A study on the performance of cool air co. ltd with the help of trend analysis and working capital management Synopsis
424 PMM424 A study on potential of education loan in Bangalore city Synopsis
425 PMM425 A study conducted on services rendered by Malaysia Airlines Synopsis
426 PMM426 A Study on Consumer Satisfaction of Devdas Sarees Synopsis
427 PMM427 A Study on Customer Care with Reference to Bank of Maharashtra Synopsis
428 PMM428 A study on the Working Capital Management towards “DAVANGERE SUGAR COMPANY Ltd Synopsis
429 PMM429 A study on various concepts of Online trading and Demat account Synopsis
430 PMM430 Customer satisfaction of The Central Park Hotel Synopsis
431 PMM431 Consumer behavior on Britannia 50-50 pepper chakkar Synopsis
432 PMM432 A study on customer satisfaction of AIRTEL BROARDBAND & TELEPHONE services in Bangalore city Synopsis
433 PMM433 Cadbury India ltd Synopsis
434 PMM434 A study of consumer satisfaction towards staeta soy milk in Bangalore city Synopsis
435 PMM435 The various factors pertaining towards the consumption of toilet soap Synopsis
436 PMM436 Investment options for investors in mutual funds for kotak Synopsis
437 PMM437 Customer perception towards Maruthi swift with reference to Pratham Motors Pvt Ltd. B’lore. Synopsis
438 PMM438 Project work on airtel crm, study based in air com solutions pvt ltd Synopsis
439 PMM439 A market survey on the quality of four wheelers with special reference to Indian oil corporation ltd Synopsis
440 PMM440 Price sensitivity analysis of Coffee Consumption in Bangalore Synopsis
441 PMM441 A study on customer satisfaction towards bajaj pulsar Synopsis
442 PMM442 Analysis of mergers and acquisitions among banks, with specific reference to bank of Madura ltd, ICICI ltd and ICICI bank ltd Synopsis
443 PMM443 Pre Market Analysis Of Introduction Of Emergency Lamps By V-Guard Synopsis
444 PMM444 A study on customer satisfaction towards Honda activa with special reference to silicon Honda Synopsis
445 PMM445 Market competition and customer attitude at hutch Synopsis
446 PMM446 'Foreign exchange administration' Synopsis
447 PMM447 A study on awareness of children’s insurance policy in Bangalore Synopsis
448 PMM448 L’Oreal  India  Private  Limited Synopsis
449 PMM449 A study on car funding (Conducted with reference to APEEJAY FINANCE LTD) Synopsis
450 PMM450 Employee Satisfaction with Performance Appraisal System at Aureole Technologies Synopsis
451 PMM451 Youth psychology on royal enfield motors Synopsis
452 PMM452 Customer satisfaction of Fem Liquid Soap Synopsis
453 PMM453 Perception Study of binani brand cement vis-à-vis other competitive brands Synopsis
454 PMM454 A study on consumer preference towards air conditioners in Bangalore city (on behalf of NIIT) Synopsis
455 PMM455 Analysis of Working Capital Management and Ratio Analysis  Of  HGS APPARELS Pvt. Ltd Synopsis
456 PMM456 Human capital management in emerging service industry Synopsis
457 PMM457 Consumer buying behavior towards executive segment motorcycle Synopsis
458 PMM458 A study on the " Furniture Industry " Synopsis
459 PMM459 Market potential of false ceilings in Bangalore for Saim exports. Synopsis
460 PMM460 Consumer perception towards J&K Bank & market share of J&K   Bank in Srinagar city Synopsis
461 PMM461 Study on the Distribution Channel and Customer Awareness of Finolex PVC Pipes & Fittings Synopsis
462 PMM462 Analysis of consumer behaviour towars different brand of motor cycle with special reference to yamaha in farid motors Synopsis
463 PMM463 DEMAT: Is it 100% safe for an investor Synopsis
464 PMM464 Needs of business community for the automation/computerization of their business processes Synopsis
465 PMM465 IDBI Synopsis
466 PMM466 Consumer behaviour of existing and potential hutch subscribers Synopsis
467 PMM467 A comparative study between forum mall and Garuda mall ( with reference to Prestige construction )” Synopsis
468 PMM468 Reliance Life Insurance Synopsis
469 PMM469 Market analysis of mid size cars in automobile industry Synopsis
470 PMM470 A study on  readers’ satisfaction towards madhyamam daily in calicut district Synopsis
471 PMM471 Study on Consumer Behaviour of Timex watches Synopsis
472 PMM472 Investors Prospective Towards Mutual Fund Synopsis
473 PMM473 A Project Report On Market Analysis of  Health Insurance At Life Care Solutions Synopsis
474 PMM474 Factors influencing in Real Estate Sector in terms of Demographics, Segmentation and Potentiality  Synopsis
475 PMM475 KLAS Ventures ltd, Bangalore Synopsis
476 PMM476 Market Potential for  Bharti’s Broadband  Internet Services and Inter-office connectivity solutions in Bangalore Synopsis
477 PMM477 A Study on Employee welfare Activities with reference to The Aluminum Industries Ltd Synopsis
478 PMM478 Consumer perception towards hero Honda splendor+ at metro bikes Synopsis
479 PMM479 Medreich sterilabs limited Synopsis
480 PMM480 A comparative study on the perception of media planners towards the new Indian express as an effective media vehicle for advertising Synopsis
481 PMM481 A study conducted for Airtel on Brand Awareness(Bharti Tele-Ventures  Ltd) Synopsis
482 PMM482 Sales Promotion towards Bajaj wave Synopsis
483 PMM483 Customer  behaviour towards disposable baby diapers in Bangalore city Synopsis
484 PMM484 Derivatives Market in India Synopsis
485 PMM485 A Study on the Bangalore plywood industry with special reference to Woodlands Doors & Plywood Synopsis
486 PMM486 A study on consumer behaviour with special reference to amul ghee ltd Synopsis
487 PMM487 A comparative study on dealer analysis of different brands of cars for sales promotion activities in Kolkata city Synopsis
488 PMM488 Determining the Market Potential for Wireless Telephones and Customer Satisfaction Research Synopsis
489 PMM489 A study on working capital management for ramen bansal international ltd. Synopsis
490 PMM490 Enhancement of the recruitment process at Afilia Tech Pvt Ltd Synopsis
491 PMM491 Customer satisfaction towards tata cars and concord motors Synopsis
492 PMM492 Performance of Selected Banking Scrips in NSE Nifty Synopsis
493 PMM493 A Study on Customer Care and Satisfaction of Samsonite India Private Limited Synopsis
494 PMM494 Consumer  satisfaction towards bajaj pulsar dts-1 Synopsis
495 PMM495 Marketing strategy towards Asian Paints Synopsis
496 PMM496 Effectiveness of PAS at HMT, Die Casting & Machinery Division Synopsis
497 PMM497 A study of quality control at AHP Pvt .Ltd. in Bangalore. Synopsis
498 PMM498 A study on sales promotion strategies adopted by  ks & dl in respect of kolar district Synopsis
499 PMM499 Consumer Preference towards Maruthi Esteem Synopsis
500 PMM500 Consumer Behaviour towards Nilkamal Plastic Synopsis
501 PMM501 consumer preference & brand loyalty towards Nokia Synopsis
502 PMM502 Consumer behaviour towards tafe tractors Synopsis
503 PMM503 Consumer behaviour   towards tvs victor Synopsis
504 PMM504 Consumer behavior towards life insurance of India Synopsis
505 PMM505 Consumer behaviour towards prestigious bikes Synopsis
506 PMM506 Marketing Strategies For Prasad Agencies Towards Bisleri Mineral Water Synopsis
507 PMM507 Marketing Potential strategy market for ayurvedic products in Bangalore Synopsis
508 PMM508 An Analysis of Brand Image in the FMCG industry with respect to Shampoos Synopsis
509 PMM509 Dealers perception towards  marketing mix strategies of  Michelin tyres in kerala Synopsis
510 PMM510 Pre Market Analysis of Introduction of emergency Lamp by V-GUARD Industries Ltd Synopsis
511 PMM511 A market study on brand awareness and brand preference of malabar cements among the dealers and consumers in eranakulam district Synopsis
512 PMM512 A Study on Comparative Analysis of Customer Satisfaction Towards Provision Store and Supermarket Synopsis




Employee Benefits & Work Environment at iSeva Systems Pvt Ltd Synopsis
514 PMM514 Market penetration strategy towards nandini set curds through retailers Synopsis
515 PMM515 Market share of various banks- a look into the main city district Anantnag Synopsis
516 PMM516 A study of customer perception, references and practices at HDFC BANK Synopsis
517 PMM517 Comparison of internet through broadband, cable  and wireless at sify ltd Bangalore Synopsis
518 PMM518 A Study on Customer Perception of IFFCO-TOKIO Products Synopsis
519 PMM519 An Analysis of Behavioral Perspective on Digital MFD for Canon India Pvt. Ltd. Synopsis
520 PMM520 A study on brand image of Britannia’s Tiger Biscuits vis-à-vis Parle Industry’s Parle-G Synopsis
521 PMM521 Study of sales promotional strategies of Maruthi udyog ltd through Mondovi motors Synopsis
522 PMM522 A comparative study on the credit parameters used for lending housing finance in HDFC with other major players in the industry Synopsis
523 PMM523 A Study on Customer Satisfaction Survey on Sale of ICICI Retail Banking Products Synopsis
524 PMM524 A study on “industrial buying behaviour” for J. R. Duralumin alloy ltd. Synopsis
525 PMM525 Belgaum milk union limited Synopsis
526 PMM526 Market Feasibility and Financial Viability of a Proposed 3 Star Hotel Synopsis
527 PMM527 Analysis of the awareness of fire extinguisher of Ever safe, in Bangalore city Synopsis
528 PMM528


IT Professional’s perception of online versus offline shopping

529 PMM529 A Study On Retailers Behaviour Of Century Laminating Company Limited In Bangalore Synopsis
530 PMM530 Evaluation of Financial Performance of FAIR MATE CHEMICALS PVT.LTD Synopsis
531 PMM531 To establish & carry on banking business Synopsis
532 PMM532 Consumer Behaviour towards WILLS LIFESTYLE Synopsis
533 PMM533 A  Comparative study on sales and is effectiveness and customer satisfaction towards Bata India Limited Synopsis
534 PMM534 A study on ULIP policy” on behalf of  bajaj allianz life insurance co. ltd Synopsis
535 PMM535 Positioning strategy for IT Infrastructure Management Synopsis
536 PMM536 Exploratory Study on Sales Promotion and Effective Distribution (DMML) Synopsis
537 PMM537 Consumer perception towards Maruthi-Suzuki Zen Synopsis
538 PMM538 Sales force management by general insurance service providers in Bangalore(ICICI Lombard) Synopsis
539 PMM539 Study on retailers perception towards BPL mobile prepaid card Synopsis
540 PMM540 A comparative study of current Reward and Recognition program at Satyam computers service limited vis a vis other IT companies and to ascertain the level of satisfaction of the employees with the Reward and Recognition program in the company Synopsis
541 PMM541 A study on the brand awareness of M.T.R food products Synopsis
542 PMM542 In plant training report undertaken in kerala roadways limited Synopsis
543 PMM543 Study On Customer Satisfaction of Mercedes-Benz with reference to SUNDARAM MOTORS Synopsis
544 PMM544 Market research on application of E-commerce for Unified electro tech ltd Synopsis
545 PMM545 Operationalisation of a franchised retail channel – Web world Express Synopsis
546 PMM546 A study on consumer preference of ‘ Honda dio’ Synopsis
547 PMM547 Customer Satisfaction Towards vehicles service provided by Mondovi Motors Synopsis
548 PMM548 A study on Customer satisfaction as well as Employee satisfaction at “Wood rich Resort”. Synopsis
549 PMM549 Organization study at mother dairy (yalahanka)” Synopsis
550 PMM550 Usha international ltd Synopsis
551 PMM551 Consumer’s Preference Towards Hot Spring Solar Water Heater            Synopsis
552 PMM552 A study on customer satisfaction towards J&K Bank” at Bangalore Synopsis
553 PMM553 Bhoruka Power Corporation Ltd Synopsis
554 PMM554 A study on consumer behavior & perception towards Mercedes-Benz Synopsis
555 PMM555 organizational study-conducted at lotus India Amc (p) limited, Bangalore Synopsis
556 PMM556 The Post Launch Analysis of Kanan Devan Red” Synopsis
557 PMM557 Role of Outdoor Advertising in Marketing” At  VIBEZ, Bangalore Synopsis
558 PMM558 A study conducted to launch a new product of Bharat Bijlee Ltd, with a brand name CRC 2-26 into consumer market in Karnataka Synopsis
559 PMM559 Current Market Situation of Kanyaka Magazine Synopsis
560 PMM560 A study to know the customer preference towards the persisting Rtos in it market on behalf of Osys technologies private limited Synopsis
561 PMM561 A study on customer satisfaction towards Hyundai cars with special reference to Sudeep Motors Pvt. Ltd Synopsis
562 PMM562 A study on media effectiveness and customer opinion of world space products Synopsis
563 PMM563 Customer satisfaction towards Tamilnad mercantile bank ltd Synopsis
564 PMM564 Fundamental and Technical analysis of selected shares of software companies and their performance in comparison with BSE SENSEX Synopsis
565 PMM565 Banyan Networks Pvt Ltd Synopsis
566 PMM566 A study on Customer Care with reference to State Bank of Maharashtra Synopsis
567 PMM567 Consumer perception about appy fizz Synopsis
568 PMM568 Comparative Study on Training and Development in Garment Industry conducted on behalf of Maruthi Clothing Company Synopsis
569 PMM569 Study On Market Potential Of SME and Corporate Segment For Tata Indicom Services Synopsis
570 PMM570 A  study  on  Impact  of Advertising Strategies of Nokia Cellular Phones Synopsis
571 PMM571 Hindustan Latex Limited (HLL ) Synopsis
572 PMM572 The Federal Bank Ltd Synopsis
573 PMM573 Nava Karnataka Steels Ltd Synopsis
574 PMM574 The Apollo Clinic Synopsis
575 PMM575 Tafe access limited Synopsis
576 PMM576 A study of customer preference of tubeless radial tyres of passenger cars for good year tyres India ltd in calicut district Synopsis
577 PMM577 Sales Promotion Strategy And Market Potential For Carpets Synopsis
578 PMM578 A comparative analysis of Templeton & Reliance Mutual Fund with respect to Prudential ICICI Mutual Fund Schemes Synopsis
579 PMM579 A study on customer perception of HDFC’S swapping machine in Bangalore market Synopsis
580 PMM580 A study on customer satisfaction towards Hyundai cars with special reference to Advaith Motors Pvt. Ltd Synopsis
581 PMM581 A Comparative Study Of Resourcing Process Of It Companies For Mascot Systems Synopsis
582 PMM582 Honeywell Automation India Limited. Synopsis
583 PMM583 A study on the performance of Option trading strategies-a tool for profit enhancement Synopsis
584 PMM584 Customers perception towards Madhyamam Daily Ltd in Bangalore is conducted at Madhyamam Daily Ltd Bangalore Synopsis
585 PMM585 Customer satisfaction towards Prakash motors with reference to Hero Honda motorcycles Synopsis
586 PMM586 A Study On Market Penetration Of Various Banks In The Car Loan Sector Synopsis
587 PMM587 A study on consumers buying pattern towards different brands of rice with respect to periyar rice Synopsis
588 PMM588 Consumer Behaviour On Murdeshwar Ceramics Ltd In Hubli-Dharwad City Synopsis
589 PMM589 Metlife India Insurance Company Ltd Synopsis
590 PMM590 Study of distribution system of general insurance industry with relevance to Bajaj Allianz company pvt ltd Synopsis
591 PMM591 A survey on the measurement of Customers Satisfaction for BEML construction equipments/products Synopsis
592 PMM592 Formulation of Marketing Mix Strategy for iQ Puma-Cub a bike security system Synopsis
593 PMM593 A Study On Customer Retention Analysis On Vacuum Cleaner In Bangalore City Synopsis
594 PMM594 The Indian Express” from “Free Press India Madras Ltd” Synopsis
595 PMM595 Consumer Perception Towards Front Loading Washing Machines with special reference to IFB, Bangalore Synopsis
596 PMM596 A Study Of Soft Drink Industry And Market Survey In Rajajinagar, Mahalaxmi Layout, Magadi Road Market With Respect To Retailors. Synopsis
597 PMM597 Customer Satisfaction for Aditi Technologies Synopsis
598 PMM598 A Study on Customer Portfolio for Mutual Funds– ICICI Bank LTD Synopsis
599 PMM599 A Study On Assesment Of Awareness Level Of Amul Milk In Kaira City Synopsis
600 PMM600 Corporate Salary Accounts’ offered by ICICI Bank Synopsis
601 PMM601 Customer Satisfaction towards Ideal Motors ( with reference to Hero Honda Motorcycles) Synopsis
602 PMM602 A Survey On  Perception of  customers towards Jammu   And Kashmir Tourist development corporation Synopsis
603 PMM603 A Comparative study on brand perception among the customers of Kotak  Mahindra  and others Synopsis
604 PMM604 A study on participative management in aircraft research and design center, a division of HAL Synopsis
605 PMM605 IT professionals perception of online shopping versus offline shopping” is conducted at Unified Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore Synopsis
606 PMM606 A dissertation on the brand recall of TV advertisements with special reference to the toothpaste segment Synopsis
607 PMM607 Comparative study on plans “Kotak v/s ICICI Synopsis
608 PMM608 A Study Of Industrial Relations Policy In VST Tillers Tractors Ltd Synopsis
609 PMM609 Study on consumer behavior- with special reference to Maruti Zen at Sagar Automobiles Synopsis
610 PMM610 Market Potential And Brand Awareness Of Honda Activa In Bangalore City Synopsis
611 PMM611 A study on Retailer’s Perception towards Transporter Cum Distributor (TCD)” at  “BAMUL, Bangalore”. Synopsis
612 PMM612 consumer perception” towards “BAJAJ PLATINA” motorcycle manufactured by “BAJAJ Auto Limited” with reference to JATTI motors Synopsis
613 PMM613 A Study On Brand Image Of Eureka Forbes With Specific To Aqua guard Synopsis
614 PMM614 Assessment Of The Impact Of Marketing Strategies On Performance Conducted on behalf of Ergotek Office Seating Systems, Bangalore Synopsis
615 PMM615 Consumer perception towards Naveen Vitrified Tiles” on behalf of Murudeshwar Ceramics Limited Synopsis
616 PMM616 A study on consumer perception towards Nilgiris products in Bangalore Synopsis
617 PMM617 Consumers level of satisfaction with regard to Maruti cars in Bangalore. Synopsis
618 PMM A study on  passenger amenities  in railways Synopsis
619 PMM A study on customer expectations and experiences with mobile phone services in Bangalore city Synopsis
620 PMM Comparative analysis of customer satisfaction towards supermarket and provision stores Synopsis
621 PMM Brand loyalty of cigarette smokers in Bangalore city Synopsis
622 PMM Consumer brand preference on jeans trousers Synopsis
623 PMM A study on consumer buying behaviour towards soft drinks in Bangalore metro & a comparison of leading brands Synopsis
624 PMM A study on the factors that enhance a dealer to gain a competitive advantage over other dealers in cellular industry Synopsis
625 PMM Marketing strategy: potential for elements casual wear brand Synopsis
626 PMM Duct positioning in cement industry Synopsis
627 PMM Marketing strategies in brand building on the internet Synopsis
628 PMM A study report on consumer satisfaction of hero Honda bike in Bangalore Synopsis
629 PMM Consumer perception about life insurance policies Synopsis
630 PMM Market Analysis Of Luxury Car- In Car Industry Synopsis
631 PMM A study on sales promotion of television industry in Bangalore. Synopsis
632 PMM Market analysis of luxury cars  in automobile industry Synopsis
633 PMM A study on effectiveness of personal selling as a promotional tool of consumer durables Synopsis
633 PMM Emerging trends in marketing Synopsis
634 PMM A study on leasing and hire-purchase with special reference to textile and pharmaceutical industries Synopsis
635 PMM A study on risks, opportunities and hedging process in commodities market Synopsis
636 PMM A study on student satisfaction level towards computer education industry Synopsis
637 PMM A retailer survey on home lighting brands in non-electric stores as a part of market sensing process Synopsis
638 PMM Consumer response and market survey on Yamaha libero Synopsis
639 PMM Automation of their business processes Synopsis
640 PMM A study on consumer perception towards consumer electronics brands Synopsis
641 PMM Six sigma a holistic approach and  study of customer satisfaction  at itc maurya sheraton Synopsis
642 PMM hotel Synopsis
643 PMM Study of customer  expectation and satisfaction towards mobile phone Synopsis
644 PMM services Synopsis
645 PMM Evaluation of commercial vehicles with respect to customer attitude towards hire purchase Synopsis
646 PMM A study on sales promotional activities in footwear industry Synopsis
647 PMM Market structure of APMC Synopsis
648 PMM A study on customer satisfaction in multi utility vehicle segment Synopsis
649 PMM Marketing strategies are adopted in the industrial market Synopsis
650 PMM Study on consumer behavior towards footwear’s Synopsis
651 PMM Consumer preference for motorbike features among youths in Bangalore city Synopsis
652 PMM The    companies    opinion   and   plans    for   purchasing    orienting videoconferencing systems Synopsis
653 PMM Impact of business process outsourcing (bpo) on it industry in Bangalore city Synopsis
654 PMM Impact  of technological   infliction  points   on mobile  telephony in Bangalore city Synopsis
655 PMM A market research for event management company in Bangalore with special reference to integrate ideas Synopsis
656 PMM Impact of advertisement in electronic media on purchasing behavior of consumers of select brand of refrigerators Synopsis
657 PMM Study on untapped markets in Indian automobile industry (two wheeler and four wheeler segment) Synopsis
658 PMM Brand building strategies with special reference to six typical cyber companies,  cdnow  ebay yahoo! Synopsis
659 PMM Marketing management through news papers Synopsis
660 PMM Investment planning and solutions with mutual funds Synopsis
661 PMM Brand preference of consumer on ready-made garments Synopsis
662 PMM An analytical study of supply chain management Synopsis
663 PMM Industrial buying behaviour of air conditioner Synopsis
664 PMM A study on event management with specific reference to the city of Bangalore Synopsis
665 PMM Investment patterns in India Synopsis
666 PMM Consumer Perception towards Online shopping Synopsis
667 PMM A study on  selected service providers of on-line share trading Synopsis
668 PMM A study on investment pattern of people in mutual funds Synopsis
669 PMM A study to ascertain advertiser’s satisfaction towards print media with special reference to English news papers dailies Synopsis
670 PMM A study on consumer/customer awareness Synopsis
671 PMM A study on marketing of Sambharam in Pathanamthitta City, Kerala” Synopsis
672 PMM Analysis of consumer behavior towards different brands of coffee in Bangalore city. Synopsis
673 PMM A study conducted on executive perception towards organizational environment in a firm Synopsis
674 PMM A study on market competition and customer attitudes Synopsis
675 PMM A Study on Consumer Satisfaction of SONA  Sarees Synopsis
676 PMM Employees attitudes towards Monetary and Non-Monetary Rewards Synopsis
677 PMM Customer Relationship Management In Hotel Industry Synopsis
678 PMM A Study on Comparative Analysis of Customer Satisfaction Towards Provision Store and Supermarket Synopsis
679 PMM Advertisement influence on consumer purchase Decision in small car segment Synopsis