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Civil Engineering Projects 2019-2020


1 PCE01 Design of Mix Proportion Ratio for stabilization of Soil using Waste Material Abstract
2 PCE02 Design of Underground sewer system and Treatment plant for Vellore Municipality Abstract
3 PCE03 Analysis and Design of ferrocement slabs Made of Self Compacting concrete. Abstract
4 PCE04 Design of Water supply and sewage treatment units. Abstract
5 PCE05 Design of Effluent treatment plant for leather Tanneries Abstract
6 PCE06 Design of Diversion head work. Abstract
7 PCE07 Design of Multistory Building for IT Park Abstract
8 PCE08 Design of Rigid Pavement Road for TPGIT College Campus Abstract
9 PCE09 Analysing and Design of Natural Draft Cooling Tower Abstract
10 PCE10 Design of Protressed Deck slab and prestressed Box girder. Abstract
11 PCE11 Analysis and Design of Prestressed concrete flyover. Abstract
12 PCE12 Design and Comparison of pre-Engineered Steel Building and conventional steel Building using STAADPRO analysis. Abstract
13 PCE13 Design of Multilevel Parking system for Vellore city. Abstract
14 PCE14 Planning Analysis and Design of an IT- Building Abstract
15 PCE15 Design of spillway Abstract
16 PCE16 Analysis and Design of Civil Engineering Block at TPGIT. Abstract
17 PCE17 Optimum Design of Retaining Wall using Excel solver. Abstract
18 PCE18 Design and cost Estimation of RCC water Tanks using excel programme Abstract
19 PCE19 Minimum weight Design of Long span Roof Truss Abstract
20 PCE20 Dynamic analysis and Design of Multi-Storyed steel Building Abstract
21 PCE21 Design of water tank with ring foundation using Staad Pro Packages. Abstract
22 PCE22 Panning and Seismic Design of Multi – Storey Car park Abstract
23 PCE23 Design of shuttle court Design of pedestrian subway Abstract
24 PCE24 Planning and Designing of TNEB Rental Quarters at Shenbakkam Abstract
25 PCE25 Analysis & Design of Prestressed concrete flyover Abstract
26 PCE26 Design of water treatment plant for Vellore municipality Abstract
27 PCE27 Dynamic analysis and Design of multi- storied steel Building Abstract
28 PCE28 Design of Earthquake Resistant Building using staadpro (ground floor + 3 storey ) Abstract
29 PCE29 Design and Analysis of Earthquake Resistant Multiple using STAADPRO Abstract
30 PCE30 Planning, Analysis and design of Multi Auditorium Abstract
31 PCE31 Design of water supply and sewage treatment unit Abstract
32 PCE32 Analysis and Design of college Hostel Building Abstract
33 PCE33 Planning and Designing of Tentile Industrial building Abstract
34 PCE34 Design of Water Distribution System Abstract
35 PCE35 Analysis and Design of Multi-storey Hostel Building using with STAAD-PRO Abstract
36 PCE36 Design of Residential apartment building Abstract
37 PCE37 Design of Multiplex Abstract
38 PCE38 Design of Apartment Building Abstract
39 PCE39 Design of transmission line tower limit stable Design of Steel Roof Towers Abstract
40 PCE40 Design of RCC slab and girders and T-beam Bridges Abstract
41 PCE41 Planning and Analysis of G+6 Residential Building Abstract
42 PCE42 Design of Airport Terminal Building Abstract
43 PCE43 Design of Bus Terminous Abstract
44 PCE44 Design of corporation office Building Abstract
45 PCE45 Design of Sewage treatment plant with Activated Sludge Process Abstract
46 PCE46 Design of Police Quarters Abstract
47 PCE47 Design of Transmission tower Abstract
48 PCE48 Design of Underground sewerage system Abstract
49 PCE49 Design of School building using STAAD Pro Abstract
50 PCE50 Design of Motel Building Abstract
51 PCE51 Design of Hostel Building  
52 PCE52 Design of Multi Story Building for IT Park  
53 PCE53 Study on replacement of natural sand with manufacture sand